Why & How to choose latest fashion styles?

Why & How to choose latest fashion styles?

It’s difficult to stay up to date with latest fashion style when you are not sure of what style suits best on you. You are living in a real world with real people; so you need to shine like a star among the rest. The style is timeless; possessing one is all you need to be a star which gets attention, respect, and love.

Steps to select Latest fashion style –

  1. Personality: Your personality is key to find style. Ask yourself these few questions to get help in finding the style
    • List down colors which give you a positive feeling and you will feel confident when wearing them.
    • Type of clothes in which you feel comfortable and ready to do the task ahead of you.
      Beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face
  2. Profession or Lifestyle: Your work and personal life define kind of clothes you need to wear to serve the purpose.
    • Select clothes which make you feel comfortable as well as up for the personal or professional.
    • Nearby store or mall or online closet can be a good place to find the clothes to meet the requirement. Don’t be shy to try out new designs and patterns.
      style closet
  3. Now, you need to do a job of try and test in selecting a combination of color on kind of clothes you suits you and fits well in your work and personal life. Here is the fabric color combination guide for you.
    Everyday is a Fashionshow and the world is the runway
  4. Accessorize: Yes, Accessorizing is important as they serve the two purpose of style i.e. Highlight and Enhance the look. Select the right accessories based on your personality and work as well as personal lifestyle.
  5. Fragrance: Smell good is feel good factor which helps one to build self-confidence and increase the likelihood of closeness. Choose fragrance which enhances your smell. Don’t over do it.

Style is all about enhancing and not changing your personality

Latest Fashion Style Tips:

  • First of All, Don’t be afraid to wear your personalized style with confidence.
  • It takes the time to understand the best combination of your outfits together before stepping out of the door. Also keep trying and testing to figure out your style quotient.
  • Always wear shrug or smile and stay open to feedback on your personal style.
  • A copycat style is never very personal as you are not the same as anybody else.

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