Why not Cash on Delivery vs Why Online Payment

Why not Cash on Delivery vs Why Online Payment

Yes, it’s sound very obvious to answer this argument on why not opt for cash on delivery vs why shall I make an online payment. The only one difference between these two payment options, that is one have to pay  on arrival of goods whereas another one has to pay while placing an order. Rest everything remains same. Here are some points on which we though our customer and other people who wish to shop online must read.

Cash on delivery vs Online payment

Things which you need to consider before placing your next order online:

  1. Online payment is hassle free payment so you don’t need to arrange cash and keep it handy all the time for the delivery guys ring the bell.
  2. Easy refund processing of payment when you choose online payment options
  3. Get your order “Served First” among the list of other orders. Orders with Cash on delivery gets second priority.
  4. Get all net banking, credit card and debit card  offered by your bank.
  5. We offer reward point to customer paying via online payment option (Refer our list of benefit we offer to customer)
  6. You can pay via Moblie Wallet and get benefit associated with it.

Are you scared of making payment using credit or debit card online?

Here’s an alternative to cash on delivery, it’s paying seller via making a cash deposit in the bank. We offer this option to the customer at our online store. 50 percentage of customer use Neft, Net banking and Cash Deposit in Bank option to place an order at the online store.

We have made this option available to our customer, to promote a level of confidence to place an order online. Visiting a nearby bank branch is just like making payment at shop’s cash counter and have proof of payment slip in their hand. Many of our customer order us from the small towns of India. It helps us  to serve them better.

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