Refund Policy2 Points Refund & Cancellation policy:

  1. Defective goods are accepted under the Exchange transaction.

  2. Wrong product sent to the customer also comes under the Exchange transaction.





Now let’s take your question on refund & Exchange policy below:

  1. What if I don’t like the product?

    1. You have seen a product on our website. If it’s not the same as in picture as per our 2 points refund policy then we will exchange it. Refund won’t issue on the ground of difference in perception and slight variation in color due of ligthing condition of a product.
  2. Can I ask for a replacement or buy another design in case I got a defective or wrong product?

    1. Yes, we can do that for sure. The balance will be paid/payable to you in case another item is of a differential amount.
  3. How will the refund be processed?

    1. It depends on how you have paid us for the product.
    2. As we accept orders via multiple payment modes. Your refund will be processed via the same manner and in the name of the entity who paid us (Accounting Purpose)
  4. How shall I inform you about defective and wrong products received?

Just follow a small procedure as mentioned below:

      1. 360┬░ Video compulsory for exchange. You need to record a 360 full video of a parcel starting from unpacking the parcel to checking the product. So in case of defect found in checking will be recorded in video and can be served as proof for return or exchange. Share a link of 360 degree Video recording of unpacking of parcel with inspection of the product or products must be done unedited and unpaused. You can upload a video and images on google drive or dropbox and create its link for sharing with us.
      2. Take a picture of the area of defect on the product so we can understand the problem.
      3. Email us on [email protected] with a picture of a defective product with an order number.
      4. Do lets us know your concerns as clearly as possible.
  1. Who will pay the shipping cost for return of goods?

    1. We will pay for it by adding in refundable amount (Max Rs 100).
    2. If you have asked for exchange with other products, the shipping cost of in and out need to be paid by you.
  2. When can I receive the refund?

    1. Refund will be processed within 48 hours after the returned product is received and inspected at our shared destination. It’s mandatory to share tracking details to us. (Please excuse us for delays on weekend and public holidays)
  3. How many days refund policy do I have?

You must inform us about the problem within 24 hours of receiving our products.

We trust you as much as you do.

Yes, We understand your concerns. You can contact us for more clarity on the above points via email on [email protected] or via Call on +91 9619659727