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What to Wear with Shell – Color Guide

What to wear with shell - color guide

What to wear with shell - color guide

What to wear with Shell color?

This light, peachy pink is best left as a supporting actor. As Creatures of the Wind¬†designer Shane¬†Gabier explains, “The softer tones in our spring collection played off the totally saturated, brighter colors.” The key is to find harmony, then amp things up He and co-designer Christopher Peters did so with an interplay of “optimistic but not overly sweet” peach and pink, plus bright red, sky blue and deep forest green. Shell color gives you strong and stylish look.

What to wear with shell - color guide

Disclaimer: This write-up and images are from some magazine. Unfortunately, we couldn’t mention it here as we are not exactly sure which magazine is it. The sole purpose of publishing to bring this awesome color guide to our blog visitors.

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